Hi, I am Elodie!

I assist conscious and vegan entrepreneurs create more time in their day.

So they can focus on getting into their genius zone to increase their revenue and spread good vibes in the world!

Veganly VA provides virtual assistance in various areas to online coaches, conscious entrepreneurs and vegan businesses. 

Veganly VA takes care of: 

- Website Creation

- Social Media Management

- Admin Assistance

Bye bye workload! Focus on achieving your goals!

Creating and sharing quality content is essential to the success of your business

That is why I created Veganly Va, so you can focus your time :

  • Creating this content
  • Connecting with your audience/clients
  • Focusing on your strategy to grow your business!  
Let a professional who understands your needs take care of the time-consuming tasks.

Your time is valuable!

By focusing on high-cost tasks and delegate the rest, you will obtain more:


You only have 24 hours in a day. How much can you do on your own?

By working on what you do best and letting your Virtual Assistant take care of the rest, you are making the most out of your time!


Sharing the workload is fundamental to achieving a high productivity level

Veganly VA allows you to focus on your genius zone and know the rest is in good hands!


As a result of this free time, you can focus on new strategies to make your business grow and even take new projects/clients onboard.

Having a Virtual Assistant allows you to be stress-free and to work on improving the profitability and the growth of your business.


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If your business is successful,

It is good for you, for the animals and for the planet!

That is what we call a
win-win-win situation!

"Having created Vegan VA allows me to work with companies and entrepreneurs  whose values align with mines." - Elodie 

I highly recommend her

I contacted Elodie for a law specific web-searching work. I needed some extra hours in my day to gather information for a new business idea I had in mind, but I was already busy on another project. Then I met Elodie and explained to her how to select and categorize the information that she needed to find. The communication went very well, and she respected the timing. I am satisfied with the service provided and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Elodie for saving my time!

I'm looking forward to working with her more!

Elodie has been a great addition to my team, as a virtual assistant supporting with tasks that I know I can trust her to accomplish with very little oversight. She is highly organized and professional communicator...

I'm looking forward to working with her more!

Veganly VA was like having a business partner rather than buying a service

I’m a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and I needed assistance to set up some events. Elodie took care of the promotion, created the flyers, wrote the ad, shared everything on social media platforms, and it was a success! I just showed up and did my thing, Elodie had the rest covered. I really appreciated her professionalism and her implication in my projects, it was like having a business partner rather than buying a service. I really recommend working with her, and I’m planning to keep my life easy by hiring her again in the future.

I am so thankful to have her in my world

Her rigor, her urgency, her excellence, her creativity!
It’s just an absolute joy to work with Elodie and have her on my team.
I am so thankful to have her in my world. She is more than my assistant, she is my accountability partner

My IG audience has grown faster than I expected in just 3 months

I had been on the fence about hiring a Virtual Assistant for months. I was planning on expanding my business into the virtual platform, so knew I needed help. As a business owner planning and scheduling content for social media is a full time job, and I'm so glad I found Elodie! 😀 She has systems in place for clear communication so nothing gets lost. Elodie is extremely knowledgeable regarding the latest FB and IG updates. She easily establishes trust and is completely reliable. My IG audience has grown faster than I expected in just 3 months, which has lead more traffic to my business, I look forward to working with her more in the future!

Best decisions EVER

Hiring Elodie as our social media VA was one of our best decisions EVER!

She is incredibly knowledgable and was quick to implement the strategies we had in place. My social media following has been steadily increasing with ideal clients. She provides thorough, easy to understand updates and reports.

We trust her completely and it's great not feeling we have to micromanage the situation because she doesn't need us to hold her hand. Thank you Elodie!

I feel very motivated around Elodie and cannot recommend her quality services highly enough

Elodie organizes some events for us in Las Palmas. She is highly personable and organized. I feel very motivated around Elodie and cannot recommend her quality services highly enough.

I’ve got the space to be creative in my business

Before working with Elodie, I was doing my own video editing, social media scheduling, and client resource management.

Now those things are off my plate, but Elodie took it a step further and is now growing my Instagram following like crazy, and I’ve got the space to be creative in my business, and lead it to 6 figures and beyond.

Eric Vince Founder at PlantBase
Olivier Gosan Founder at Primal Tracks
Claretha Yeager Founder Jade Path
Helen Paterson Founder of Helen's Method
Pete Widin Founder at Epic Eco-Designer

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