Vegan Virtual Assistant

 Hi, my name is Elodie.

I worked in Hospitality Management for 10 years at Hilton Hotels and I know how it feels to juggle all day long to make sure operations go smoothly

During those years, I realised that an important part of being successful - without losing your mind - is to be well prepared.

It was crucial, for my team and I, to be well-organised and as automated as possible to provide high-level services to the clients.

In 2017, I decided it was time to use my expertise and organisational skills to create the change I wanted to see in this world.

This is why I decided to create Veganly VA, to work with like-minded entrepreneurs, who want to create a kinder and more compassionate environment.


  • I am a proud Vegan
  • I think baby pigs are the cutest!!
  • I speak three languages: French, English & Spanish
  • I am French, lived in Australia and now settled in Spain
  • I am part of Anonymous for the Voiceless in Gran Canaria

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